We have never lived in more uncertain times. The last 18 months have taught us just that. Pandemics happen when we least expect them to, and so do earthquakes, tsunamis,  fires, snowstorms, theft, and anything else that could cause unexpected damage to your home. This is why now is the perfect time to get a good home insurance broker. Not only will it help secure your mortgage, but it will give you peace of mind.


If you’re a first-time homeowner and you’ve never used the services of a home insurance broker before, you may be wondering what they do. In short, they help you find the best insurance policy for your home based on your budget and your specific needs. A broker can get you quotes from different insurance companies and help you compare and choose the right one. Using a broker saves you the time and hassle of having to sift through hundreds of companies and quotes on your own.


With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, it should be a reminder to us that things happen when we least expect them to. The pandemic has affected economies globally. Even in Canada, it’s a good time to put protective measures in place so that if something happens to your home or you lose some of your income, your valuable belongings will be taken care of.


You should always make sure that your broker is fully licensed and accredited so that you are receiving a service from an expert, trusted source. They are usually governed by a financial services commission in their specific state. Ask your home insurance broker what exactly is covered in your policy, what liabilities are covered, if there are any premium discounts, and how they can help you protect your home against risks in your area.

To find a professional home insurance broker in Nanaimo, contact The Nowik Team, which has proven to be a top producing team in Western Canada for years. With our exceptional customer service and expertise in the industry, you can feel confident of a positive experience. Call us on 250-758-5524 or visit https://nowikmortgage.ca/.

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