Looking to obtain home finance, but unsure where to start? We can help! Keep reading to discover how a broker can be of assistance, what mortgage rate options are available to you and what to prepare for your finance appointment.

Why The Services Of A Broker Are Recommended During Home Financing 

A broker can be described as your trusted home financing consultant. They allow you to celebrate the remarkable achievement of buying a house while their trusted team takes care of the rest! When working with a broker, you can enjoy a simplified process of sourcing loan options before comparing and then finally closing!

QuickFire Mortgage Rate Comparison

During your home loan appointment, you’ll be walked through various repayment rate options. In considering how to go about paying your mortgage loan back, you’ll need to consider whether you’re opting for a fixed or floating rate.

  1. Fixed mortgage rate: For the entire duration of the loan, the repayment rate remains the same. Fixed rates are advisable for buyers who want to secure a loan with a seedy repayment rate and interest.
  2. Floating mortgage rate: Repayment values differ throughout the loan repayment. During the early years of their loan, clients can enjoy low repayment rates before seeing a later hike in price. A floating rate is ideal for homebuyers who anticipate a significant increase in personal income during the loan period.
What To Prepare Before Your Home Loan Appointment 

Once you’ve chosen a trusted mortgage provider, you’ll want to prepare a few documents to take to your finance appointment. This appointment is an opportunity to get acquainted with the variety of loan options available to you. Loan options are client-dependent and are presented per your current cash flow capacity. To best prepare for this appointment, we’d recommend arranging the following ahead of time:

  • Identification documents such as an ID or passport
  • Recent payslips and bank statements
  • Average monthly income and expenses
  • Any details regarding your current assets and liabilities

Home finance doesn’t have to be difficult. With Nowik Mortgage, it’s made easy! Get in touch with our team of mortgage professionals to see how we can help you.

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