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 What Documents do I need to bring for my mortgage?

You will need some paperwork for our first meeting.

  • Current Tax Forms for confirmation of income
  • Government issued I.D. such as a drivers license or birth certificate.
  • Confirmation of down payment.

what makes you better than other mortgage LENDERS?

We have been putting home buyers into their dream homes and helping people refinance to save on their payments for over 30 years. Our proactive approach to home financing and planning is our special sauce.

Why switch from my current mortgage LENDER?

If you are not happy with your current mortgage provider, we can help.  You have every right to be happy with your financing options, we take a proactive approach so you always have the information you need to make informed decisions.


What does a mortgage broker do?

A mortgage broker acts as an intermediary between a lender and a borrower. They take care of the searching for the best mortgage product and interest rate available to meet the needs of thier clients.

Should I get a pre-approved mortgage?

There are several benefits to getting a Pre-Approval before you start searching for your next home.

  • You’ll know what you can afford, helping to narrow down the search process.
  • With your pre-approval, we can also provide a lender comparison report showing the different rates and lenders available to you so you know exactly what to expect when we get your final approval
  • Pre-approval will make you look like a more serious buyer, helping you find a good realtor and can give you negotiating power with the home seller.
  • A mortgage pre-approval will make the final closing faster since you already have most of the work completed.

What is mortgage life insurance?

Mortgage insurance is a policy that would be paid to surviving members on the policy in the event of disability or death.

What are Fixed and Variable rates?

  • Fixed Rate Mortgage, the interest rate is fixed for the mortgage term.  This can range anywhere from 1 year to 10 years. 
  • Variable Rate Mortgage, this type of mortgage interest rate will flucutate with current Bank of Canada prime lending rates.  If this rate goes down, so does your mortgage, if it goes up, same same will be for your mortgage.

mortgage planning budget calculator

It is important to have a plan as your financial life is based on two simple words. Cash Flow.
If you take your income and take away your expenses what is left over, this is your cash flow. Each month with filling out our annual budget sheet with your actual expenses you will be able to see if you have some cash left over, or if you have had more month than money. Lets say you have some left over money, what generally happens to it, the honest answer for most is it disappears. With our budgeting tools you will be able to track this extra money and find useful ways to use it to decrease debt, increase assets, and have fun. For more information, one of the best mortgage brokers in Nanaimo and our planning process contact one of our Mortgage planners today!

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