As a homeowner, you may have envisioned a beautiful property designed to your every need in the future on purchase. Whether changing paint colours to match your aesthetic or renovating your space for more open living, your home should meet your expectations. And once you have set aside money to start updating yours, you may quickly rack up a busy to-do list. One item many of us fail to add to it is doing a check-in with your broker for home insurance in Nanaimo.

While it may seem unnecessary and tedious, doing so can help you avoid rejected house insurance claims in the future due to renovation work now. Insurance can be voided by your provider if they differ from the agreed terms and conditions between both parties.

Here are three reasons home insurance providers can reject your claims.

DIY-ing Your Renovations 

To save on their expenses, some homeowners choose to DIY their renovations. This can not only be dangerous, but it can also be more costly than one may realize. Your provider may not cover damages that occur during or even after work at all because of just how risky the renovations are.

Going The Cheap Route 

Another reason why home insurance providers can reject renovation claims is if they find you used an unlicensed or subpar contractor. Although it can seem like the cheaper option to use less known renovation companies or tradesmen, it can lead to expensive bills in the future if they are not skilled to do the work. It can have a similar detrimental effect on your property value and can result in compromised structural integrity.

Major Update Failures

Home insurance providers should be informed of major renovation work to electrical and plumbing. If damages occur, impacting these areas can lead to lengthy work. This will affect your original home insurance agreement, and claims can be dismissed due to no notice being given.

Although it can be an exhaustive exercise to your already occupied schedule, informing your home insurance in Nanaimo of your renovations can clear up any grey areas. This will ensure that your provider gives you the go-ahead, alerts you to possible voided clauses and can best advise in the event of possible damages. It can be extremely beneficial in helping you avoid paying for slip-ups on your own. Both now and in the future too. Speak to us at Nowick Mortgage for comprehensive financial solutions suited to your needs today.

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