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Getting the Right Mortgage

You’re off to a great start! At The Nowik Mortgage Team, we offer expertise, in-depth industry insights, exceptional resources, and exclusive access to a suite of innovative mortgage products. We look forward to working with you to attain the best mortgage product available and drawing up an individual plan that is right for you and your needs.

Buying a first or next home

When you’re thinking of buying, it’s wise to begin by talking with a mortgage planner – to understand how much mortgage you can manage, and to explore both traditional and innovative mortgage options.

Self-employed; no income verification

We understand business owners because we’re business owners, too. What’s more, we have a long list of institutional and private lenders that offer excellent mortgage options for self-employed Canadians. You don’t fit in the neat box at the bank? That’s okay; we don’t have boxes, we have solutions.

Low payments; long amortizations or interest only

Sometimes, it makes good financial sense to keep your mortgage payments as low as possible to buy the home you want or to free up funds for investment or other uses. The good news is that there are several options available to help you lower your mortgage payments.

Vacation/second homes

More Canadians than ever before are now spending quality time in their own vacation property. Cottages and chalets are now providing family memories for many average Canadians, who are taking advantage of innovative new mortgages that put these getaway homes within reach!


Congratulations on your maturing mortgage, now let’s make sure the renewal option that is offered is the best available. Your renewal time is a great opportunity to take a look at the market to make sure you are getting the best mortgage product available or to take some equity out for that next investment opportunity.

Refinancing/debt consolidation

Mortgages generally qualify as good debt: they are usually available at the lowest possible rates, and they represent a good investment in a (generally) appreciating asset. Bad debt saddles you with high interest rates – often on depreciating assets. But if you have equity in your home, then you have an opportunity to turn bad debt to good debt – by refinancing and rolling high-interest debt into your mortgage for big interest savings

Tapping into home equity

Maybe it just needs some new landscaping, an extra wing for your growing family, an expanded kitchen, or a swimming pool in the backyard! A record number of Canadians have taken advantage of the historic low mortgage rates and rising real estate values and have tapped into their home equity.

Credit repair

Often a new mortgage may be the best way to manage all of your debts. Moving your high-interest debt into a lower-rate mortgage is a great way to save on your overall interest costs, improve your cash flow, and begin the process of improving your credit rating. It’s great news that the right mortgage can help establish your reputation for credit-worthiness.


Chat with one of our mortgage planners to get set up with an in house pre-approval and lender comparison report to show you exactly what is available, and what you qualify for. Click here for to start the process!

Investing in property

Investment properties – particularly smaller, residential real estate – are now accessible to many average Canadians. And as any homeowner will confirm, real estate has been one of the most attractive investment categories in Canada for the past decade.

Contact one of our mortgage planners today to see what you qualify for.


Let’s talk about your future

Now that you are ready to buy, renovate or invest, we can make it happen with our expert Mortgage Brokers, smart solutions and helpful advice. Let’s talk about your future today!

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