When it comes to financing a home you have many options available to you, with the two most common options for financing being using a mortgage broker or going through a bank.

As expert mortgage brokers in Nanaimo, we believe that mortgage brokers are the superior choice when it comes to funding your dream home, and these are five great reasons that support our viewpoint:

#1 Independent Advice

What really separates mortgage brokers from banks is the fact that mortgage brokers are in a position to give independent advice as mortgage brokers are not tied to any specific lenders or product range. We have a wide range of options to offer our clients and ensure that each client finds the best package for their personal needs.

#2 Time Effective

If you had to try and compare rates and packages from all of the mortgage lenders available to you, it could truly take you days if not weeks, and may end up being quite a confusing process. When coming to our mortgage brokers in Nanaimo, we can easily present you with the best options available to, saving you precious time.

#3 Competitive Rates

Because we have access to such a wide variety of lenders in Canada, we are able to find you a really good deal that will fit your budget. We are in touch with traditional lenders, credit unions and trust companies. We keep up to date with the latest offers from each of our lenders to ensure that every client gets the best deal available.

#4 Negotiate On Your Behalf

One of the main reasons why mortgage brokers are able to provide you with such great deals is because of the fact that they are able to negotiate offers with lenders on your behalf. We understand all of the ins and outs of the industry fully. If there are any terms or clauses you do not understand, our professional mortgage brokers in Nanaimo are able to explain them to you.

#5 Support and Follow-Ups

We understand that financing a house is a very big milestone, and there may be things that you’ll find tricky to navigate. Even after we have finalised the details of your mortgage and signed all of the paperwork, we are still available to offer you any advice or assistance you may require.

Nowik Mortgage Brokers are passionate about assisting each of our valued clients in finding and funding their dream home. We consider ourselves as the most efficient mortgage brokers for house insurance in Nanaimo! Contact us today to start talking about your future!

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